About MUSA

The Movement for a United South Africa (MUSA)

is a platform for uniting South Africans to advance socio-economic justice & development.
MUSA was formed out of a concern that the country is departing from the Constitution which is a foundation for socio economic justice & development.
MUSA’s mission is to enable deeper levels of consciousness, activism & collaboration amongst all organisations & individuals across society that share the perspective of eradicating poverty and inequality in society by supporting people to uplift themselves materially, ethically & spiritually.

MUSA operates as a movement through individuals & organisations that embraces its ethos & elevates their own conduct & actions towards deepening socio-economic justice & transforming society.

In this way, the building of an effective ethically based movement for socio-economic justice is facilitated where individuals & organisations at every level of society embrace a moral ethos & renewal raising their own human potential & solidarity with fellow citizens as a collective South African consciousness.

Adopting this transformative approach will lead to realising the vision of a harmonious, prosperous & ethical society where there is dignity for all.
This purpose & mission is further elaborated in the MUSA Charter founding document & Strategic Plan (2020-2040).

Ethical and visionary leadership at government, business, trade union, faith groups & civil society levels has to be restored with full dedication to eradicating the conditions & systems which perpetuate poverty & inequality.

Vision & Mission

Charter, Constitution and Codes

  1.  Presently, a group of individuals who communicate electronically and consult between themselves, with academics, scholars, intellectuals and communities.
  2. Faith- and groups, supporters and individuals from townships, the inner-cities, towns and rural areas are to be consulted, recruited and represented as members and/or
  3.  A charter has been prepared and will be developed through our networking.
  4.  A constitution and code of ethics will evolve in our networking and interaction through this proposal and activities.

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