Implications of attaining social cohesion
May 9, 2020
What is socio-economic injustice
July 17, 2020

The Birth of MUSA

In August 2019 a group of activists from diverse backgrounds discussed and reflected on the state of humanity post the liberation struggle.

Becoming a free country for all by 1994 was a huge achievement which many South Africans had been striving and sacrificing for. However, most South Africans are disheartened as their lived reality remains far from the better life envisioned when political equality was attained.

Upon reflection, it is acknowledged that the economic system within the country is a major contributing factor in perpetuating the marginalisation of the poor and disadvantaged people. Many societal ills including the continuation of poverty, discrimination, and violence against vulnerable societal groups like women and children stem from the economically unjust system. Political freedom has not translated into a major improvement in the degree of marginalisation experienced within the country. As a nation, we remain fragmented.

On deeper analysis of this state of affairs it has become clear that this is an outcome of inadequate leadership resulting in poor governance, poor service delivery and endemic corruption amongst other factors.
A renewed approach to enable people to uplift themselves and improve the level of skills which is needed to supplement the developmental goals South Africa needs to achieve. It is recognised that South Africans have good intentions and great ideas but that this does not impact on the lived reality of most people. A recommitment to the activism process is required to engage in this missing gap of ethical leadership and capacity building at the implementation level and its monitoring.
MUSA thus hopes to empower and unite people and organisations so that collectively a more just social reality can be created for all.
MUSA is open to consultation with individuals, organisations and communities who are willing and ready to implement and drive social change.